Trevor Koverko is a Toronto born and raised former professional hockey player turned crypto currency and blockchain entrepreneur. The tenacity he learned after nearly a lifetime of playing hockey helped his resolve to recover after an accident on the Ontario 401 with a fully loaded transport truck. It took a full year, but with hard work he was able to use the left side of his body again. His subsequent graduation from the Ivey Business School at Western University and early introduction to crypto currency launched him into a new direction – and his life of entrepreneurship began.

Trevor Koverko – Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Entrepreneur

An accident changed the direction of Trevor Koverko’s life

Trevor Koverko firmly believes that cryptocurrencies present equitable opportunity, fairness and transparency to all. Crypto functions on an altogether apolitical premise that promises real potential. He sees cryptocurrencies as a great equalizer in the world – paving the way for all people in all countries to build wealth. Trevor Koverko ended-up successfully accomplishing what many had sought to do before him – tokenizing crypto and linking the currency to tangible assets, which provides a level of authenticity to the burgeoning currency by bridging the gap between crypto and traditional securities. The platform allows for companies all around the world to roll out new products and services, and all with the potential to better the world. It also hosts a number of features that investors find appealing, including constant liquidity, instant settlements, and compliance with global securities laws. The platform is being regarded as the next trend for cryptocurrencies and has a number of features that many investors find appealing, including tools for compliance with global securities laws, constant liquidity, and instant settlements. These initiatives are capitalizing on the systemic shift to digital-based ownership as opposed to physical ownership, or paper shares of companies.