Trevor Koverko went from Wall Street and Silicon Valley to early crypto adoption

Trevor Koverko’s knowledge of the finance industry was garnered through long days working on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. He found his way to China in his early twenties, where he started his first company. Trevor has fully immersed himself in crypto currencies, both investing in and founding companies in the blockchain field. He sees crypto currencies as a great equalizer in the world – a way for financial transparency and fairness to be possible to all people in all countries.

His Story

Trevor believes that cryptocurrencies equal transparency and fairness in the financial world

After creating several companies and developing a deep understanding of the industry, Trevor Koverko founded a platform that allows for the use of security tokens, or tokens that are backed by tangible assets. It is being regarded as the next trend for crypto currencies and has a number of features that many investors find appealing, including tools for compliance with global securities laws, constant liquidity, and instant settlements. These initiatives are capitalizing on the systemic shift to digital-based ownership as opposed to physical ownership, or paper shares of companies.

This platform is paving the way for companies around the world to roll out new products and services in this exciting sector.

After being on the edge of his skates for decades, he now finds purpose by being on the cutting edge of such exciting advancements – a notable and apolitical shift toward opportunity for everyone on the planet.